St. Patrik's in Dublin

As every year, March 17th is confirmed as one of the most popular holidays in the world, a date with the X fixed on the calendar for many lovers of beer but not only, for us it was a day of fun for the crowded alleys of our beloved Dublin.

I left Vienna at 2 p.m., took a flight of about 2 hours and 50 minutes, landed at Dublin Airpor in perfect time, mild temperature about 12 degrees, pulled behind the clock hand and jumped on the bus headed to the center to reach the guys.

St. Patrick's Day is one of the most important days for the entire Irish community around the globe, the first parade took place in the town of Waterford and dates back to 1903. St. Patrick, besides being the patron saint of Ireland, is also the patron saint of the city of Boston, where the largest Irish community in the world lives. The feast, which has religious roots, celebrates the day of the death of the saint who brought Christianity to Ireland, but it seems to me that very little of a religious has remained.

Landed in the city I was wrapped in the acrid smell of dark beer flowing in rivers all over the streets, crowds of Irish and tourists staggered in the smoke of alcohol through the streets of the center which had been closed to traffic. An incredible number of street musicians were placed at every corner to play songs of all kinds, for the most part English classics, and the success they found was more than remarkable; crowds of kids hung from crowd to crowd singing at the top of their voices.

After a few minutes I found myself at the foot of the legendary Temple Bar, a tourist trap, which in fact had already trapped the 3 friends who were waiting for me.

Inside, at the modest price of .... 6.90 € I drank my first Guinness, and no ... it was not green ... and yes ... in Iralanda is much better, try it in person.

The place was really too full, and after a good half hour spent looking for the guys, I finally found them, also in the grip of the alcoholic delirium and the euphoria of crazy live music that was played on a small stage in the corner of the pub.

Around 7 p.m. the streets began to fill up to the limit, some street musicians organized a jam session with drums, keyboard and flute, attracting the attention of young people who gathered in a circle and began to dance to the rhythm of Break Beat, a spectacular show, all run by the drummer, dressed in pink pajamas and slippers. Around 10 p.m., the police began with the first seizures of alcoholl, because by law the consumption of any alcohol-based drink is prohibited in all streets of the capital, obviously to limit problems related to abuse, but also to facilitate the pubs, which during St. Patrick's Day invoice frightening figures.

At a certain time the delirium began to become unsustainable, because of too many tourists and overcrowded pubs, fortunately I remembered the street where there is an old pub frequented by locals, and so around 23.30 we headed to the "The confession Box".

Out of the delirium of the alleys of the center we found some peace, reached the pub we sipped two Guinness enjoying the concert of a young guitarist of the place that moved us. Inside the restaurant the average age was definitely over 40 years, and we were the only tourists, however we chatted with the locals who proved to be extremely nice and curious.

The night ended a few hours later, the search for a taxi, to go to stay at the apartment of a friend who would host us for the night, proved to be quite difficult, so I recommend booking the taxi by calling at least 30 minutes before the time you want to leave.

I conclude with a couple of practical tips for those who want to organize a trip to Dublin for St. Patrick's Day.

-Book in advance flight and bed, prices skyrocket the weeks before the party.

-Make the Leap Card Visitors at the bus station (24 hours or 72)

-Sleeping hostel, clean, super central location, and reasonable price: Abigail's Hostel

-Central pubs, with reasonable prices and few tourists: "The confession Box", "Pipers Corner".

-Do not drink on the street or risk the seizure of the drink or worse the fine.

- Typical Irish food at an affordable price in a beautiful location; O'Neills pub and Kitchen.

-Behave well, respect the city and the people, while too much the large flow of tourists each year brings you, money, but also a lot of problems starting from the garbage that invades the streets during the festival.