Leaving without certainties

How many times have you thought about this? I'm just gonna leave it all behind and get a new life?

This is the story of Mario (fictional name), who will tell us how he managed to leave behind his old life in Italy and start a new one abroad.

I was 21 years old and ran the year 2015, it was hot, mid-August, and I was sitting on a marble bench at 20.30 on a Friday night, with two other friends in the square of Toulon France, I was drunk and carefree, and I was enjoying a small 4-day holiday along the French coast.

Just that evening I decided that I would change my life, I was relaxed, both my friends returning from vacation would leave to move abroad, for work and study.

I would have gone back to my usual routine, I was working as a pizza delivery boy for a ridiculous pay, I had not completed my high school diploma for health reasons, and I was still living at home with my parents and...ah already, I broke up with the girl after about 4 years, and she had just moved abroad. And yet I didn't live it too badly, I exaggerated every night with alcohol, I had almost abandoned my passion for graffiti for about a year now and I rounded up as much as I could.

But that night in Toulon was something incredible, probably the geographical distance from my place of origin allowed me to have another point of view than my life, I saw it from afar, as if I had been a spectator of myself and the steps taken in my existence. I saw myself aged, still there drinking beers in the parking lot, stuck between the usual friendships made of rust and oiled by the old memories that would become more and more obsolete and would not even awaken those feelings of adolescent fire. I saw my whole life as an immense failure, I was in a pit and every day I dug and dug down towards the abyss.

Exactly 14 days after my life changed radically.

I returned from my rather exhausted holiday in France, the next day I was expecting a stressful day plus work in the evening, I remember that I accompanied a friend to do some errands and we were bottled in traffic at about 17.30, I at 18 I was attacking to work and I was really anxious about another series of heavy chores that I had to do in the day. The fact is, I got to work late, parked, and as often happens to me, I began to think out loud something like "No, I have to get out of this shitty place". I went into the pizzeria and my words were: << I quit>>, so on my feet, I didn't have to sign anything at all, I had one of those modern contracts; 
I take my things and get back in the car, I go two kilometers towards nowhere, I park and I start crying.

That same evening I went home and told my parents that I had quit my job and that I was leaving Italy.

I remember lying on the bed with the laptot on my legs, and I really felt lost, I looked for rooms to rent in Berlin, then I visited some other site and read an article about Vienna. I must say that I was particularly impressed by it; better quality of life in Europe, an abundance of work, a university town, a multicultural city and not even too far from Italy. I was chewing some German and had been in Vienna twice for a few days, I remembered it very undeground, stairs, canals, and a lot of graffiti. I sent a series of German-language e-mails to the cheapest rooms I could find at https://www.wg-gesucht.de/wg-zimmer-in-Wien.

and I waited.

Luckily, two days later I was told by an Iranian boy who rented a room of 11sqm in a small apartment in a good area of the city, price 240€ per month plus 300€ deposit.

By chance, two friends were going to a music festival in Austria, I took the opportunity to follow them to visit the room and meet my future roommate. The house was a dump, the walls were filthy and splashed to the ceiling with pieces of ground beef and tomato, the floor was filthy with a black and sticky layer, the shower was in the middle of the kitchen, the washing machine was only cold washed, the bathroom was in the staircase, and my room was really tiny and dark, a bed, a chest of drawers and a small wooden table. The roommate an Iranian student of 33 years who was doing PHTin medicine.

Oh yes... these are those moments in which, in my opinion, you need the balls to risk, those moments in which you ask yourself why you are going to leave the comfort and the comforts that have accompanied you until today, why leave a beautiful house, with mum and dad who cook and wash everything without asking you for 1€ of rent, to go and live in a pigsty thousands of miles from friends, family and everything you know, without any certainty or future prospects.

Well, I decided to take the room, and a week later I moved permanently to Vienna.

I found work almost immediately in the gastronomy, I worked as dishwasher and preparation in the pizzeria. The first months were not easy, I found myself catapulted into the working tramway and I immediately realized that a new and nerve-wracking routin was being established in my life.

I worked a lot for long periods, every cent earned was a real satisfaction, but during the first 6 months I lost a lot of the city, leaving aside social relations, I immediately met many Italians and too few Austrians.

After about 6 months from arrival I changed jobs and went to work in a small family run fast food where the pay was about 1600 € net for 40 hours per week. I moved in with two other friends. After about 1 year I started to work part time and I got a small studio, monthly rent 400€. As time went by, I found my work and economic balance, learning how to manage my time and money in the best possible way, living with little and enjoying the many advantages of a city like Vienna.

I worked in fast food for almost 2 years in total and then I found work in a small Austrian restaurant from Monday to Friday wek-end free, hours from 18 to 22, pays 860 € net per month.

During these years I have continued to cultivate my passions for music and graffiti, in 2018 I recorded my first album, and I go weekly to draw along the Donau and in the many legal walls that the city of Vienna makes available to Writers.

summer 2018

summer 2018

I was lucky enough to make many new friends and meet an Austrian girl whom I am engaged to.

Vienna remains one of the most functional and efficient cities that I have ever seen from every point of view, a reality full of stimuli, in which everyone can find what interests them most.

Now I'll make a short list of tips and things you'll want to do if you also want to move to Vienna:

Residence :

-Before leaving, set aside a fair amount of money to pay at least 3 rentals plus the deposit of the apartment (2000 € is more than enough)

-Choose a cheap room, then in the future you can always find something better, but go and save for the first few months.

-Don't go and live with the Italians, you'd risk not learning a word of German.

-Watch out for the scams! Never anticipate deposit money or similar things without having seen with your own eyes the room or apartment to rent! Turnkey only money!

-make the meldezettel

- fate registration certificate https://www.wien.gv.at/amtshelfer/dokumente/aufenthalt/ewr/bescheinigungen/selbstaendige.html

-registration Aire https://ambvienna.esteri.it/ambasciata_vienna/en/informazioni_e_servizi/servizi_consolari/anagrafe/anagrafe.html

Here is where you can find a room



-Write a nice Vitae curriculum in German or English. https://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/it/documents/curriculum-vitae

-seek a job now, better part time to have more time to discover the city and meet people, however to ensure a minimum income for the rent

-Try to speak as much German as possible, or otherwise English, not Italian!

-Be wary of places where only Italians work! Often the salary is low and you run the risk of not learning a word of German!

-I list some uses accessible to everyone for the first time: