1978 - Ape

Ape ( Morgy Morgante ) is an Italian rapper and storyteller born in 1978, takes his first steps in the world of rap around the end of the 90s, from then on he will be known for his talent in several live performances and for an active role in the underground scene, he will publish some demo Tape (Dichiari amari divari, A domani), he will collaborate with several artists including Bassi Maestro, Kuno, Banana Sapiens and other names in the Milanese scene. In 2004 comes out "Venticinque" historic album, which at the time received several approvals from both the public and the scene. Just one year later, the "Generazione di sconvolti" will be published, which remains, together with "25". one of the most complete works of the artist Brianzolo. In the following years, "Morgy Mo´ e la gente per bene" (2007) and "Surplus" (2009) will be released. Ape will continue his musical path by collaborating with several artists, in 2012 he will release a single "Ststo mentale", in 2016 together with Kuno will produce the album "Gemelli", until 2018 will release "The leftovers" and a few months later "1978" confirming the return of Ape in the "scene" in which a lot of things have changed.

Little reflection on "The Leftovers"

Listening to "The Leftovers" you can immediately perceive how the style and the musical concept behind the songs of Ape has not changed by a comma. The qualities that have always distinguished him remain untouched, the surprising narrative ability and the clear and detailed expression of feelings and emotions, continue to amaze the listener, who manages to have a lucid and harmonic reading of the lyrics. "The Leftovers" is a work with a well-studied structure, but it is inevitable to notice the effort, if we want to be successful, in making the sound current' with a narrative style that makes it difficult to connect with it. Ape, however, gives us a lesson in style and shows how you can be able to rapp on beat Trap without having to necessarily deal with stereotypical issues and a banality 'despicable.


Going back to "1978" we can say that even after a long break Ape has still managed to keep up with the times, the E.P. is a collection of 6 tracks that have as their guideline the imaginary linked to the stories of Joe Lansdale, American writer whose works are characterized by intricate plots in which characters and crazy dynamics alternate with disparate ones.

Each track has an inspiration base linked to Lansdale's books, but not all of them refer to the concept of storytelling, so let´s analyze the details.

Track no.1 is "Il mambo degli orsi" ft Zampa, produced by Bassi Maestro, perhaps one of the most interesting pieces of the E.P., an old moulded sound that leaves you astonished, a very raw drum kit and a well done sampling work makes the track melancholic and brilliant. Zampa and Ape seem to go hand in hand, I mean fully on the style and on the theme, it reflects on the doubts of age and on the change in themselves. The track n.2 "Una stagione selvaggia" ft BloB is produced by Sek, so it changes register with respect to the sound of Bassi Maestro, the track is light and disengaged, disappoints the verse of BloB rapped at intervals and pauses that make everything too mechanical.

"Rumble Tumble" track no.3 ft Lord Madness is a well done storytelling, the production of Sick Budd puts the right suspense and makes the atmosphere sharp. The story of a robbery that ended badly is played in first person by the two rappers who make perhaps the most stylistically complex track of the EP.

Then we find "Brett" track no.4, a piece that recalls "Uassup" ( track no.12 of "Venticinque") one Hot storytelling, the production of Apoc seems to fit perfectly with the hypnotic atmosphere of the club and the look of Brett, the charming protagonist that Ape will have to deal with ihm. "Rookie" track n.5 ft Mastino produced by Lil Papi is a piece that breaks away from the guideline of the project, both in terms of sound and theme. Track accompanied by the video available on youtube, which is a clear provocation and a sort of lesson in style that both rappers launch to the scene today.

To conclude we have "Bastardi in salsa Rossa" track n.6 produced by Apoc, with scratches by Lilcut. Here we find a theme that has been dealt with several times by Ape, that is, a social critique of Italy, of the political and legal system.

To conclude, we recommend the purchase of the EP.

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