We are there, it was a long wait, unnerving for many of us, someone had lost hope, and instead? On the other side there were other, Danno and Masito, the legendary duo in the past decade had delighted us with individual sporadic, many featuring live concerts and, of course, but had not released the much acclaimed disc.

Well, it happened, and they still amazed us, on November 16, 2018 came out Adversus , the album of the Colle der Fomento accompanied by Dj Craim .

But let's stop for a moment, who are the Colle der Fomento?

I Colle der Fomento is a Hip Hop musical group that was born at the beginning of the 90 'in Rome.

The initial members are furon o Danno (vocals), Masito (vocals), Piotta (vocals) and I ce one (production ).

In 96 Piotta will move away from the group to continue his career as a soloist, in the same year he released Odio FULL, the group's first official album, which is quite successful, in the 99th 'Scienza Doppia H, which confirms the quality and growth of the group, always in '99 the Roman producer Dj Baro will take the place of Ice One , who will continue his career with turntables. This change will end the group's evolutionary cycle, giving life to the definitive formation with which the group will churn out Soul and ice in 2007, an album that will give a nice wake up to a weak scene, with mature lyrics and a very high level musical production. From the release of Anima and Ghiaccio and the official publication of Adversus they spend about 11 years during which the group will perform constantly in live and shows for the whole of Italy , the various members will collaborate with many artists, Italians and non, will participate to different featuring and musical projects. In 2009 Danno will participate in the Artifical project Kid , becoming the voice of the whole album, accompanied to the dishes by Dj Craim .

Now that we have made a brief and summary overview of the group, let's focus on their latest production, Adversus .

Let's assume that this time the official training is constituted by Danno and Masito at the microphones with DJ Baro and Craim at the productions (except track n.10 Nostargia prod . Bassi maestro and Sergio Leone prod .from Little Tony Negri ) , with two specials featuring the legendary Kaos One and Roy Paci on the trumpet.

I received the album at Christmas, as a friend of mine , I had already listened to dozens of times on youtube tracks in the previous weeks , but when I opened the original packaging , I saw the red mask, the photos in black and white, the aged faces of Danno and Masito , legendary faces, physiognomy lived woody, carved by the struggles, I put the cd inside the reader I really realized the real value of this work.

Adversus is divided into 14 tracks studied and positioned according to a logic for which the listener is ver- tically accompanied by the hand along the timeline, the decade, in which the album was born. The unmistakable style signed Danno and Masito is perceptible from the first track, an album characterized by the direct expression, without compromise, the use of speech and rhyme as a conceptual transmission of one's inner moods and at the same time as personal therapy .

The unique and spontaneous style that has always distinguished the group has not changed, but has undergone an incredible evolution, not immediately perceptible, maintaining the unmistakable timbre of the most classichip hop both in terms of texts and productions, but pushing to a higher level, a perfection and a 'equilibrium sought, notes of Rock and Jazz music are mixed giving life to a project that has nothing for granted, a succession of traces different from each other, which find an innovation and an evolution mu s total icale, which makes the complete mosaic of every piece.

The combination of Baro and Craim give completeness to the project, satisfy the nostalgic listeners, accustomed to a harsh sound, with dirty speakers, and I can certainly be a reference point for the younger listeners, who will surely find positive points in the bases of two of the producers who are bringing back to life a legendary style , without altering the original characters, which make the bum-bap the red carpet on which the most famous talents of Italian hip- hop have paraded .

As for the sonority we find a musicality and a completeness of style that perhaps we were able to reach only in Soul and ice but that maintained a single directionality of sound, which we find partially changed in a positive sense. The mix of sounds tending to rock give a note of aggressiveness to various tricks and, while jazz notes relax listening. Thrace example may be the n. 13 "Powder", in which a complex beat, mixes with the final trumpet of Roy Paci who takes us to another dimension. Or "Sergio Leone" produced by Little Tony Negri, who sees a real rock band playing accompanied by the two voices. L to track n. 11 "Miles and Promises" ft   Kaos One can be the emblem of a musical completeness at the production level, with a beat made of guitar solos and a choral voice. The batteries are clear and hard are a classic that we can find in the track "Heart more brain", with lots of space travel, or the No. 14 " Mempo " a real classic, pieces that really do remember the golden times of ' hip hop, m not in a nostalgic way , on the contrary, make the essence and the fugue re-emerge of an immortal culture.

The writing style of Danno and Masito has always been incredibly similar, without counting the similarity between the tones of the voice, what substantially differentiates the two, remains the metric with which they ride the beat, each of which juggles with extreme ease showing off the better than your flow.

Introspection and personal conflict are recurring themes; life as a central topic, its facets, the joys and the sorrows, the existence experienced as a personal formative journey, outside the canons of society , as a long and continuous research that is worth to be lived and narrated.

Yet we find a vast list of topics that range from one another, but which remain united by the leitmotif that is the experience of existence as a path from which one never stops learning.

In Adversus to track # 6 which is the track from the album name then, we find the basic concept behind the idea of the individual adverse, the expressed opposition to what happens in the music scene, but not only that , we find the concept of adverse in almost all traces of the album, expressed not as a general dissent, but rather aimed at what unjustly affects the personal morality of the two artists.

Traces like "Music and Smoke" lighten the listening, putting a not so much of superFunk in the air, while pieces like "Powder" make the heart tighten, they make reason about what is the existence, the vision of death as a metamorphosis, a passage from one state to another, are the words of those who have suffered a loss and try to channel the pain looking for an explanation , can be interpreted as a tribute to Primo.

An incredible album that is worth buying.