Tenebra è la notte

Tenebra è la notte ed altri racconti di buio e crepuscoli.

Today we focus on the umpteenth masterpiece of music / literary master Murubutu , released on February 2, 2019 titled "Tenebra è la notte ed altri racconti di buio e crepuscoli".

For those who are not informed, Alessio Mariani, in art Murubutu class of 1975 is an Italian singer-songwriter (rapper), originally from Reggio Emilia.

Get in touch with the world of hip- hop at a young age and at the beginning of the 90s and found together with 3 friends the " Kattiveria " Posse ", which will later change its name (La Kattiveria ) and its members, until it reaches the final formation composed by Murubutu , Il Tenente, Dj Caster , Muraca and UGO.

In 2009 Murubut began his solo career without abandoning "the Kattiveria " with which he will continue to collaborate, making all the members participate in his subsequent projects.

In the same year he released "the Young Mariani and other stories" and in 2011 "The beautiful Juliet and his poor father graphic." Both albums have a strong historical / literary component, combined with a narrative ability out of the ordinary, combined with a metric and a musicality that suggests the caliber and skills of the artist since his early work.

In 2014 he released "The Bouncin mutineers , or amazing adventures of seafarers", the first true concept album of the artist who sees the sea as the main theme and with which, through anecdotes, stories and metaphors, addresses various social issues.

In 2016 he released "The man who traveled in the wind and other stories of breezes and currents" according to concept album style story telling , which sees perfected the style of rap / story and levels of emotional depth that you can achieve while listening . Also worthy of note is a significant leap forward in terms of productions that seem to be specifically designed to create a unique atmosphere. Highlights include collaborations like the one with the Roman rapper "Ranore" in the track Scirocco, and featuring with Dargen D'amico and Ghemon in the track "Sun".

Three years later, on 1 February 2019, "Tenebra è la notte and other tales of darkness and twilight" came out.

We start from the cover, which is the gateway to the dark and twilight world in which Murubutu wants to bring us, and we let ourselves be accompanied through a painting with a strong evocative sense, an ancient typewriter to master the height of one desk illuminated by candles, the city immersed in the warmth of the night, and from the roller of the machine, born in the form of a female figure with divine features, the night incarnated by a lady who raises her hands to a starry sky almost to rejoin earth and stars .

We are faced with a true artistic masterpiece and we can already understand it from the first minutes of listening where everything seems to have been thought of as a brush to let us sink into the magical nocturnal atmospheres recreated thanks to a mix of peculiarities, starting from the voice of the master who plays alternating whispers and whispers to remarkable singing skills in rap style, demonstrating a sonic mastery that accompanied by the exceptional productions of the "Lieutenant" (and not only), full of piano notes, violins and soft rhythms, cradle the listener among the verses that have the unique ability to evoke real imaginations worthy of the best books. And this is precisely what distinguishes the music of Murubutu from the rest of rap and songwriting, the narrative ability and the refinement of language,metric combined with themes with a strong emotional content that allows you to follow the stories immersing yourself in the verses and experiencing the emotions in first person.

In short, track after track you enter the night atmosphere and the stories of the various characters living thrilling events, full of phatos that arise in us opposed feelings that alternate in the various tracessometimes sad and melancholic, historiographical, and other garnished with notes of love, lightheartedness and joy, without ever falling into monotony, every trace touches different aspects of the human soul, making the album a complete and complete life excerpt.

The productions that are all apt and of different types have been entrusted to some loyalists including "The Lieutenant", DjWest , xxx-Fila and Muria then we find other traces produced by Fastcut , SuperApeand R-most .

At the turntables we find Dj T-robb , another colleague of the master, who will delight us for the whole CD with precise and accurate scratches, which to me, personally, give goosebumps.

To further impress we find the ones featuring Murubutu which closes the en plein, making some of the most significant and suitable names for a project of this magnitude participate; in fact we meet Half-Blood, which rides a hallucinating beat in the track "The man without sleep", in which tension and madness come together at best without losing the aftertaste of the " classic " hiphop "thanks to somefabulous magheggi of dj-T-robb .

A Follow find Caparezza, who delights us with a verse literally out of this world (I had to do it) in Wordsworth track, dedicated to the moon, accompanied by accordions and mandolins, featuring perhaps themost desired and most unexpected, that in its opinion is in fact a historical track.

In the track n. 8 "The White Nights" we are cradled by a couple that is now a real guarantee for years, or Claver Gold and Murubutu who, on a sweet and melodic beat produced by xxx-Fila will accompany us through a tormenting search for love lost through snowy night streets, warmed by the warmth of poetry that comes to touch hidden cords of human feelings.

In "Sunglasses" we find two other characters with a baggage cultural music of a certain thickness, or Dutch Nazari and Wily peyote, who have already worked together in the past, giving life to memorabletraces for lovers of the genre. A rap studied in detail and not an end in itself, the desire to want to communicate something more, the introspection that clashes with reality that is often bitter and difficult to change, sincerity and authenticity on the part of Willy Peyote who it is brilliant in word games and genuine in expression. Dutch , which intones the refrain, makes the right mood melancholy, giving us an exceptional stanza, metrically perfect and very evocative, which to me personally puts joy in the heart as sweet and poetic. In short, the two are the right names for a featuring with the teacher is amazing as always in a track dedicated to the night as the art of writing muse, all supported by a guitar beat produced by DJ-West.

He could not miss the feat with "The Kattiveria", now a classic of duty, present in all of Murubutu album. Once again we find ourselves catapulted into a presumably future and catastrophic world, a dystopiandesign of a reality in which darkness prevails and humans survive in total absence of light. An epic production track "Il Lieutenant" with dj-T-robb scratches .

To conclude we also have the participation of two female voices, Daniela Galli in "Still Good Night", with theme maternal love and the already known Dia, also present in the previous albums of Murubutuvoice in the refrain and accompaniment in the track that gives the title to the album "Tenebra è la Notte". Both collaborations of great thickness that give a poignant touch and bring to a higher level the entire work of the teacher.

We would still have to list all the other traces to which to dedicate at least one page to each of them regarding the artistic baggage and related food for thought, so I strongly recommend buying the album and listening to this masterpiece, enjoying the journey through the world of the night.

Link for the purchase.