LO VE ( Lombardia Veneto )

And here we are, reviewing the umpteenth bomb this 2019 is giving us.

This time we have two names of a certain depth, two artists who have always been characterized by a strictly hip hop mood, a character and attitude that recalls that of American rappers in the 90's, we are talking about Egreen and Nex Cassel.

I still remember how impressed I was by the track Xerox in Egreen's album More Hate (2016), a track in collaboration with Nex Cassel and Dj P-kut, a pounding beat, Egreen's fuck and Nex's puns, two amazing flows that seemed to complement each other.

Three years later, LO VE (Lombardia Veneto) is released, a project born from the collaboration of the two talented rap artists Egreen and Nex Cassel.

The album is composed of 10 tracks, the music productions have all been entrusted to Nex Cassel, who has managed to reconstruct a classical and refined sound, a sound and a metric that allows the two to grind four on four (like tanks) on our beloved and four quarters.

We are in front of a Rap album, we could even call it HipHop the topics covered reflect the street attitude of the two artists, each track is explosive, and what stands out is precisely the pure and raw ability to "rappare", in which the two are masters.

On the one hand we have Egreen, a figure who has taken his place thanks to an enviable talent and determination, a real rapper to all intents and purposes, the one who has always accustomed us to rather long verses, tight metrics, claustrophobic, a spontaneous rap, without frills, direct issues, often related to the game of ego and rap, a character who has always wanted to emphasize the importance of knowing first of all how to do rap as a basis (rightly), before improvising artists in a scene that is often found lacking in skills, flow and metrics.

On the other side of the stage Nex Cassel, a character with remarkable charisma, linked to the environment of rap and the street/undeground circuit that gravitates around us; Nex is a veteran in terms of productions and collaborations with different names in the scene, has always given us raw tracks, a fresh flow, has proven to know how to master their singing skills, and often is capable of exhilarating wordplay, linked to the themes of the street, his lyrics are often an immersion in the world of crime and street business.

The album is a real blow of fotta in its purest state, 10 hardcore tracks, verse, chorus verse, songs up to 3 minutes, a real pleasure for lovers of the genre, something that the Italian scene absolutely needed, that's why Egreen and Nex Cassel have joined together to remind us that the fundamental element of rap is knowing how to do Rap, hoping that the teaching will be heard and followed by the youngest.