On April 8th 2019 the campaign to raise funds on Musicraiser for the production of the double vinyl of Requiem, the last album by Claver Gold, ended positively with about 15.600€. We of Dislife participated in the campaign and managed to get a pair of double vinyl whose expedition will start on May 17.

In the meantime we would like to talk about an album that in our opinion deserves to be reviewed and analyzed and that continues to be talked about even a year and a half after its release date.

Claver Gold is an artist and songwriter from the Marche region, born in 86', who has been approaching the world of hip hop since he was very young, coming into contact with writing and then with rap. He moved to Bologna to attend the Accademia delle belle arti, at the same time met several artists of the rap undeground scene, attended the battle freestyle and began to make himself known. From 2006 to 2011 he wrote 4 LPs ("Old Fashion", "Claver Gold è uscito dal gruppo", "Sensei Ep", "Solo una brutta Storia"), and finally in 2012 he released "Tarassaco Piscialletto", the first official album in collaboration with Dj West. In 2013 "Mr.Nessuno" is released, containing the track "Cyborg" that will win the competition on the songwriter "Genoa per voi", the same year the mixtape "Patate e cipolles" is published in freedowload. In 2015 "Melograno", produced by Kintsugi is released, one of the most complete and mature album of the young artist who confirms himself as one of the best storytellers in Italy, with an expressive ability of the highest level, a literary poetic mix that focuses on the analysis of the deepest feelings. On November 30, 2017 under the label Glory Hole Record is published "Requiem".

Requiem is a complex work, sometimes heavy and monothematic, but also incredibly brilliant and deep. After the first listening I found myself surrounded by walls made up of the author's memories, which delimit the imaginary within which it gravitates from track 1 to 17. The journey we are immersed in is formed by the reconstruction of various more or less traumatic events of the artist, who describes a melancholy and sad “scenario”, fades his memories with a golden metaphysics, sometimes drops of surrealism are poured by the metaphorical brushstrokes on a canvas that, however colorful is still dirty and worn. Requiem is a bubble delimited by memories lived, loves, friendships, pains, regrets and even some joy, a work that seems to arise from a need for personal self-care. We find again the style of conscious writing to which Claver has always accustomed us even in previous albums, good ability to juggle in a loose way on beats that run on different BPM without losing the originality of their flow, being able to demonstrate that you can do good rap even on the most modern Beat, as for the vocality this time you can see the commitment put in bringing to the level of perfection the timbre, which is outlined, clear and more aggressive.

As for the productions, we have a wide range of artists also very different from each other, unexpectedly we find sounds tending to trap, despite the fact that the record was announced by Claver himself as a return to the origins of classic rap.

As you might expect we have several tracks produced by Dj West who reconfirms himself as an expert in the field of classical sounds but in Requiem is struggling with some slower beats and trap sounds that are still well done and able to recreate the right atmosphere and the magical understanding Claver / West that is a guarantee for several years now. To the productions we have: Kuma, Kd One, Lil Thug, Daniele inox, Dr.Testo, Hybrido, James Logan and Kintsugi

The album opens with the “Latino” intro narrated by Murubutu, who explains the concept of the album, continues with "Ballo coi lupi" (No. 2) in my opinion one of the most valid tracks of the album, a presentation of the artist, from their origins and roots, to the conflicts, a fundamental track whose understanding is necessary to obtain the key of reading that we will use to fully understand the entire album. We continue with the No.3 "La notte delle streghe", single released on Halloween with a video. An excellent strategic move and an impact video that anticipates the release of "Requiem" , a text full of interesting metaphors with clear references to the dualism between love and pain. The No.4 "Ricordati di ricordare" deals with the style storytelling a difficult issue as central as the whole album, or the loss of memory. We are again faced with several events, first of all the author tells the story of a woman affected by Alzeihmer, but if you listen with the soul you can feel that there is a personal experience behind this song, and here snaps the metaphor between Alzeihme and ther conscious abandonment of memories, Claver wants to emphasize the importance of not forgetting past experiences, especially the loves and passions. We continue with the featuring with Fibra, the No.5 "Dejavù senza fiato", a track focused on the figure of the rapper who manages to emerge from a provincial reality, a difficult step that often causes many talented artists to die in the bud. Claver and Fibra tell of the difficulties encountered along the path that eventually led them to obtain their social recourse, succeeding in their art thanks to determination and sacrifices. "Requiem55" ( N.6) is one of the most melancholic pieces of the album, inner repentances re-emerge on the surface and become clear to the eyes of the artist who summarizes negative events and experiences, often related to drugs, which cause him a sense of palpable guilt that turns into a repentance for the suffering caused to himself and his loved ones.

Let's go on to "Quando sei con lui" (N.7), also a piece that can be framed in two ambivalent dynamics, love and habit, drugs and addiction. It is possible to interpret the text as a message dedicated to a past partner, accomplice of a sick love now over but which has been marked by habit and malaise. It is also possible to interpret the fact that the subject of reference, that is, the "LUI", would be the state of alteration; consequently, the text would deal with the link between the protagonist and the dependence linked to the abuse of heavy drugs. "Notti di Vino" ( N8) is a featuring with Davide Shorty, who managed to fit very well into the refrain making the track very sweet and melodic, here we live the memory of a deep and conflictual love, wandering between warm and sensual visions, while taking into account the personal problems that affect the harmony of the couple. On track no. 9 "Uno come me" StephKill accompanies Claver in the refrain along a leap into the past, made of street and drug stories, all surrounded by the dark atmosphere of the date beat. "Un Motivo" ft Egreen N.10 is a classic that could not miss, a piece of self-celebration that more than enhance the artists, enhance the lifestyle of the hip hop nineties, a keep it real that Fantini and Claver have always respected giving confirmation in this piece. Following "Non c’è show" No. 11 ft. Lorb Bean, with the sample of the voice of DJ Lugi, is the sequenc of the previous track, a subtle criticism of the rap scene, love and hatred for a culture with which the two artists have grown up, but that in recent years has suffered several upheavals, reminding both the importance of not being buried by disappointments and upheavals, but to continue to do what you think is right, handing down and keeping faith with the teachings learned at the beginning. "Prima di decidere " (N12) is the story of an infinite and deep love that risks ending, in the refrein we find Ghemon that cushions a rather demanding text. The author is particularly attached to this female figure by an unconscious bond of dependence/love, a theme that we find several times in the album. "Libertà" Ft TMHH ( N13), is the track that marks the beginning of the light towards the exit, we are still inside the tunnel of memories, and we will stay there until the last piece, but in this track we can see how the author emphasizes the importance of letting go of the memory, being aware of the experience, but free to continue their existence despite the past experiences have marked us in good or bad, excellent the piece of Tmhh that is making itself known thanks to his latest CD "Errare umano". "Il meglio di me" (N.14) is the second single released on youtube at the end of December 2017 in collaboration with the Roman rapper Rancore. The track produced by Dj West is one of the pearls of the album and deals with the theme of private disappointments related to the awareness that as much as success and fame can be achieved, happiness remains a mirage that artists can not enjoy, precisely because of their innate ability to give body and soul to the purest artistic expression and the search for truth. "Luca" (n15) is an extremely personal song dedicated to a childhood friend with whom relationships have been lost over the years, a lyric that is almost a letter, born from the need to communicate something, which has been held inside for a long time, to a person who has been particularly important in the life of the author. "Carpa Koi"(N16) produced by Kintsugi is a metaphorical journey into Japanese tatoo imagery in which the carp takes on different meanings, including that of strength, courage and perseverance in facing difficulties; an ancient Japanese legend tells of a carp that managed to climb the waterfalls swimming against the current. Already in the album "Melograno" we found several references to oriental culture, specifically in the song "Lady snowblood". The CD ends with the Outro made of cuts of schretch phrasing taken from the album itself. We conclude by recommending the purchase of this wonderful work by Claver Gold, Glory Hole Record.