Tree, Roots e Crown

In a few days the double vinyl version of "Tree roots and crown" will be released, about a year after the troubled official publication of the CD version of the long-awaited pearl of Mezzosangue.

At Dislife we felt obliged to review the latest work by the young masked artist known as Mezzosangue, a young musical talent born in Rome in the class of 91'.

Mezzosangue comes into contact with hip hop culture at a young age, in 2012 he wins the freestyle contest “Capitan Futuro” and in the same year he will start to collaborate with Squarta for the production of the mixtape "Musica cicatrene", which will be very successful, available in free download. In 2015 comes out "Soul of a Supertamp", anticipated by several singles on Youtube, also in free download, the album is a huge success, the artist shows an analytical ability out of the ordinary, reflective lyrics, humanistic themes combined with a hard voice and captivating that rides rhythmic sustained, these features make "Soul of a Soupertramp" a respectable work that differs from the classic rap to which we were used.

On March 23, 2018 "Tree, roots and crown" was published and we immediately went to listen to it and were particularly impressed.

My expectations for the CD were high, after "Soul of a Supertramp" one could only expect something monumental, so it was. We are faced with a strictly personal album despite the fact that the topics covered vary within a certain perimeter, a complete stylistic expression of the author, all seems to start from internal reflections of the subject that through writing and musical expression exorcises the internal suffering common to the deepest and most sensitive souls.

The album is divided into two parts that are identified each with a particular tone, the first, “Roots” sounds more classical in terms of instrumental, there are samples, speakers and snare drums even if you perceive an alternative sound, there is an electronic influence not certainly common to the old-school hiphop. The second part “Crown” is characterized by the orchestra and softer sounds than the rap, except for some tracks (Fuck them Fuck rap), a successful experiment that, in my opinion, gives that refined touch to the whole work.

“Io sono Mezzosangue”, which majestically opens the gates of the unconscious, putting us in the presence of the author who, taking us by the hand, accompanies us into his own world, giving us his magic lenses with which we can fully understand his expression, his fears, his joys and most importantly the incarnation in the character himself, who represents more than the individual artist, but each of his individual listeners.

It continues with a track n.2 "La mia famiglia" tribute to his "family" or friends and people of the same mold of Mezzosangue, piece that does honor to the artist who manages to make palpable the struggle without mentioning the classic ghetto situations of discomfort typical of the stereotype rap. The n. 3 "System error" is an outburst of irony on the most minimal and superficial aspects that our society and consequently the music market are facing, an aggressive track with an intelligent critique.

"Ologramma" is the n.4 release in June 2018 on youtube accompanied by the official video in collaboration with Green Peace. A starting point for reflection on oneself and on nature, the video is spectacular.

“umanista” is the N.5 and has one of the most beautiful choruses of the whole record, a cry of hope that goes back from the dark streets of a compromised humanity, the track to follow seems the winning interlock, "Backdoor" No.6, the way to break through the system upsetting it, in this case Mezzo witnesses this revolutionary action. Then there is "Mi accompagni" n.7, one of my favorite tracks, a long reflection on the link between life and art, a companion who continues to move forward the most sensitive souls despite the suffering. The refrain is made up of a series of fabulous scratches." Good Bless ignorance" n.8 is a hypnotic track, a frightening list of names of characters related to conspiracies of different kinds is listed, all on a slow and electronic beat, in the chorus you can hear a voice in the background that repeats the title of the song, track that shocked me. In response, we have number 9. “Verità II”, the amazing search for something that perhaps does not exist, a sequel that had to be done and ends in an almost disturbing way the part "Roots" with a reference to Matrix;" it's just a dream ... I'm Morpheus ..."

"Crown" is the n1 track of the second part of the album, and starts with a heartbeat and an orchestra of violins that goes up, Mezzo describes his link with music and with the expression in general, the art that comes from the need to be and express himself, not for the art itself, we are entering the second part of the record and this is the feeling that you can perceive, it seems to follow a path that we still do not know where it will lead us. "Fuck them Fuck" rap is the n.2 and is a rather hard criticism of the rap scene in Italy, the number 3. "Tree" is a journey accompanied by the orchestra, a personal song, a poetic of the highest level an analysis of their fears, a 'immersion in the soul of the artist aware of the world, his difficulties but also of their faculties. "Winter" the n.4 is a complex track, the arrival and annual return of winter experienced as a difficult and stoic passage, the cold and bare winter landscapes seem to be the period in which the sufferings of some people with a particularly deep soul accumulate, ready to free themselves later, blossoming in creativity. Following the n.5 is Ned Kelly, also released on youtube with the official video in the style of Wild West, track with an electronic sound designed well to become a single. "Wonderland" is the n.6 , here Mezzosangue finds himself dealing with himself, the entry into Wonderland, or the world of fame, entertainment, in which you become a character and risk losing your personality, that world that may seem like a dream, but in reality hides continuous pitfalls, stands out that desire to leave everything and leave, to return to being no one and perhaps more free, very important reflections, a theme that is repeated in different tracks and that makes us understand the difficulties of the artist in having a decisive role as heavy as to support him in different areas and that makes us understand the difficulties of the artist in having a role heavy to support. N. 7 "Io e te" is dedicated to a friend, a poignant trace, here the importance of friendship, disappointment, but the desire to let you know how crucial were some ties in life. "Upside down" is the only featuring of the record, which has been entrusted to Rancore, the two alternate on a beat orchestrated with a slow and deep drums, the whole is composed of different reflections in which everyone sees their own reality with from the subjective point of view, the reality then passing through our personality also composed of multiple ways of thinking and acting, which are often in contrast with each other and with the objective reality, so you find yourself in confusion or at the crossroads where you have to choose which of our realities to choose. A choral voice alternates in each bar repeating "upside down" creating a distressing atmosphere perfect for the track.

Everything ends with "Destro sinistro montante", a metaphor with the box in which Mezzo describes the continuous struggle for life and freedom, all accompanied by an orchestra that explodes at the end of the refrain in an absolute masterpiece.

In my opinion, the best record of 2018.

Link to the purchase of Vinyl available in pre order.