Disordinata armonia

Disordinata Armonia is a musical project by Don Diegoh and Macro Marco, the vinyl was released in December 2018 under the label Macro Beats, only 500 copies were printed and we from Dislife managed to buy one.

Don Diegoh is a Calabrian rapper, class 84', originally from Crotone, in 2007 he comes out with "Storie di tutti i giorni" published by Audioplate, the following year, always under the same label, he releases "Double Deck", which is an excellent springboard for the young artist who had already made himself known thanks to his freestyler skills. In "Double Deck" we enter the world of a talented young man with a great desire to express his inner self through the narration of his everyday life. We find the featuring with Il Turco and Coez, for the productions we find guests Mr.Phill, Macro Marco and Dj Argento. In 2012 comes out "Radio Rabbia", a project that was born from the collaboration with Mastrofabbro that churns out incredible Beats. Also in this project you can see a growth and a stylistic improvement of the artist, who, remaining consistent with his own way of making music, mixes a conscious rap style with the more classical practices of old school hip hop. We find important collaborations like the one with Kento, Easy one, Lord Masness, Coez, Ffiume and Smania Uagliuns. In 2015 come out "Latte e Sangue", a project created by Don Diegoh and Ice One, was released under the Glory Hole Records label. " Latte e Sangue" will become a cult for lovers of real Hip Hop, is a complete CD in all aspect, the exceptional productions of Ice One are perfectly mixed with the meticulous style of Don, which track after track tells us excerpts of personal stories and social life. The collaborations have been chosen by brush, we find Danno, Masito, Il turco, Kiave, Egreen, Francesco Paura; Shorty, Cheff Ragoo and Dj Baro.

"Disordered Harmony" is a summary of simple and true everyday stories in the style that Don Diegoh has accustomed us to. The Calabrian rapper continues to amaze with the texts that portray a reality common to many, that although simple and normalized, is extraordinary, making heroes the protagonists who daily face the hardships of everyday life. Macro Marco confirms himself as an excellent producer, the beats sound almost low-fi, classic because of the ubiquitous kick drum and snare drum, but incredibly original and melancholic, perfect for a relaxing journey between soft and rhythmic sounds and conscious lyrics. The album is developed in only 8 tracks that all follow the same thread, the everyday life in its complexity. From this argument arise the different connections that Don Diegoh argues in a totally spontaneous and human way, making the record not too demanding but saturated with content that are very close and directly understandable for the average listener who can see in several dynamics mentioned by the author. There is also a trace of detachment, towards the model of the "current rapper" ( N.5 "Rimmel"), we find here and there scattered several punch lines throughout the CD that deliberately highlight the difference between the life, credentials and musical skills of the author with those of the current contemporary scene. Don Diegoh is a very modest artist, characterized by a complex and reflective writing that is obviously very far from the musical expression brought by the Trap wave that deals with issues today very much in vogue such as, success, women, money etc. . themes that Don Diegoh does not neglect but deals with, resulting in being very mauturous and modest, in his texts he is not afraid to highlight his doubts, his limits and his insecurities, he is a consistent person with his feet on the ground, aware of his path, an artist faithful to his principles who has not made compromises while still managing to carve out his place in the rap scene of Italy. His rap is pure and spontaneous, and it is clearly the result of a personal need for expression. XL was the track that gave life to the project, released in 2017 with the idea of being just a single, was the launch pad for the creation of "Disorderly Harmony" For collaborations have been chosen artists who have a friendly relationship with the author, we find DJ Shocca, CRLN, Killcat, and Bunna.

The album cover was made by Sirelfi, a Calabrian artist who also emigrated to the north.

We conclude by recommending the purchase of the album, support the real Hip Hop.