Lontano - Il Turco

2019 is a year that has given us several pearls that remind us of the golden age of Italian rap, could not miss the CD of “ Il Turco”,  "Lontano". we at Dislife ordered our own vinyl.

Il Turco aka Sparo Manero is a 77' class Roman rapper, he is a veteran of the hip hop scene, already in 96' he collaborates with Flaminio Mafia and Rome zoo. In 2000 he released his first album "Tutta sostanza". collaborates on several projects produced by crew from Rome and beyond, in 2002 he comes out with "Direzione non so dove".  In 2006 he will realize the album "Musica Seria" which will remain a classic destined to remain remembered in the annals. Subsequently, Il Turco will join the "Gente de Borgata" with whom he will make several collaborations, in 2016 will be released with "Rap'Autore", after which he will publish several singles on the web, which will become part of his latest project "Lontano" published in 2019.

"Lontano" is a raw, direct album, as the Roman rapper has always accustomed us, who juggles the beat with total ease, telling us with his own slang and in no uncertain terms, his inner reality and the one that surrounds him. The project "Lontano" faces life in various aspects, starting from its difficulties, everything is faced with a clear vision with a basis of functional pessimism, if the difficulties arise you have to face and overcome them, the basis is the concept of strength of mind and commitment to move forward and overcome any challenge. Rap is seen as a therapy and as an anchor of salvation in a world that standardizes and eliminates the human aspect leaving room for walls of fiction with which we have to deal every day.  TheCD has that old-school flavour that many will appreciate starting from the “ Il Turco” style of writing, which perfectly embodies hip hop in its beginnings, a spontaneous rap, a simple and functional narrative style, which perfectly combines with a smooth flowing metric without being forced. The voice of the  Roman rapper  plays a fundamental role in all his projects, in fact “ Il Turco”  is distinguished in the scene for his vocal tone decided, relaxed and deep, each word is clearly marked without losing the charge of flow that follows each line.

In the record we see him struggling with several Roman producers already known for other collaborations proceeding, we find Dj Fastcut, Mr.Phil, Squarta, Vinz Turner, Steveone, Dj Ceffo and Orlando. The productions are different from each other, but of high quality and all maintain a classic style. The only feat of the album is "L'ultima Spiagga" ft Egreen, the first track released on youtube as a single, which has found many appreciations.

A record that we recommend and that is worth buying.