Willie Peyote

On October 25th the last album by Willie Peyote entitled "Iodegradabile" will be released, we at Dislife are gassed and ready to hear ourselves slapped in the face by massive doses of social criticism well studied in the subtle and brilliant way that Willie has accustomed us so far.

But let's take a step back.

Who is Willie Peyote?

No, it´s not the alter ego of a Disney character, nor is it a trapper who mixes Sprite and mescaline. Willie Peyote, (Guglielmo Bruno) is a singer-songwriter, rapper, musician. Wille approaches music at a young age under the influence of his musician father, learns to play bass and experiences different genres of music including rock and punk, before approaching rap music only around 2004, when he founded with Kavah and Shula the group "SOS clique". After the publication of several demos and the E.P. "Lerbavolgio" began his career as a soloist while continuing to collaborate occasionally with Kavah, in 2011 will publish "Il manuale del giovane nichilista" project full of potential with a strong influence rap and brilliant lyrics. In 2013 it will be released "Il mio genere non e´il genere umano ". The album is very interesting for the social topics treated in a satirical way, with large doses of criticism but with an ironic vein capable of making the arguments read and pleasant, from the point of view of sound the work is innovative being composed of beats often played with a lot of influence pop and Indi.

In 2015 it will publish "Educazione Sabauda" which will be the real launch pad for Willie. "Educazione Sabauda" is a complete album, an intense reflection on oneself and one's position in the world. A comparison with a sometimes dramatic reality that, as far as I can be tragic, is dealt with in an ironic way, because the trick is in the lightness, situations that in the end we all live every day in a more 'or less heavy. Amazing how a work that is the result of deep personal reflections has managed to touch the souls of many listeners who have seen themselves in the shoes of the author who has succeeded with incredible clarity to expose sensitive aspects of the human soul chained to the bars of a society that becomes a cage and makes us unaware and automates sterilizing the expressive child who lives in us. All faced with sympathy and irony, qualities that are part of the personality´of the author who makes the entire album extremely fun but full of content, sounds ranging from classic rap, pop, rock and even jazz. In 2017 the album "Sindrome di Toret" is released, which will confirm the talent of the singer from Turin who mixes indie and rap in an impeccable way in a mix of creative ideas and pungent, we find very melodic choruses that have certainly helped Willie to embrace a wider and wider audience. In fact, Willie's music genre can reach a very wide target, but at the same time it is not easy to understand if you analyze the content, often strongly critical of standardization, fashions and mass movements. However, "Toret syndrome" enjoys positive feedback both in terms of numbers and in terms of opinions, and Willie seems to have made it, to note the two features with Dutch Nazari (another talent ready to explode of the current scene), the single "I cani" produced by Kavah and the track "Vendesi" with trumpet accompaniment by Roy paci.

At the end of July 2019 the track "La tua futura ex moglie " was released, announcing the publication of the album "Iodegradabile" which will be released on October 25, 2019.

We are waiting for it and recommend you to buy it!